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Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup treatment in Wolverhampton 

What is Permanent Make Up?

This treatment has been described in many ways, Permanent Makeup, Semi Permanent Makeup, Micropigmentation, Microblading etc. This is a procedure in which pigment is inserted beneath the skin to create a make up effect lasting years and years. It can be called permanent as there's no guarantee that all of the pigment particles will completely disappear although they do fade over the years.

Permanent Makeup is perfect for all types of people, with any skin type (i.e. oily, combination). It can be added to enhance on your natural beauty, or for those who may struggle with vision and are unable to apply makeup daily, or maybe for those who may have suffered hair loss or pigmentation loss in the lips due to medical reasons.

Pink Sugar


Microblading is a semi permanent procedure in which a manual hand held tool is used to create a hairtroke feather effect. This is best suited for those who do not have oily skin or very visible pores. Can be used to add fullness to those natural brow and hairstrokes will be blended in to create a natural healed result.

Combination Brow

Combination Brows is a semi permanent procedure which combines both hairstrokes and a powdered effect. Pigment is implanted in the front of the brow creating a fluffy hairstroke start, which are then blended into a powder effect as we move towards the arch and the tail of the brow. 

Ombre Brow

Ombre Brow is a semi permanent procedure in which pigment is implanted into the skin to create a powder brow effect. Perfect for any skin type and can be made as soft or as bold as the client wishes. Definition is usually created through the tail and the arch, keeping those fronts and edges soft to leave a natural effect once healed.  

Lip Blush

Lip Blush is a semi permanent procedure in which pigment is implanted into the lips and lip line to create a fuller looking lips shape and defined lip borders and cupid bow. Adding lip colour to faded lips due to aging, making them look great and removing the need for applying lipstick daily.

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