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Brow removal 

Botched Ink Saline Removal 


*showing results after two botched ink removal sessions

Say goodbye to those old unwanted Brows!!!

This is a saline removal technique perfect for those who want to get rid of or potentially rework their old brows in the future.

How many sessions will it take?

Sadly, we can not guarantee how many saline removal sessions will be needed to get to your desired result. Some unwanted pigment will take one session, some may take 6 or more. This will all depend on the age of the pigment, the brand, the depth in which it has been implanted and if the brows are heavily saturated with pigment. 

How does it work?

The saline removal solution is implanted into the skin, the solution dries out the skin and gets to work on that old pigment. The skin will begin to heal after treatment and the pigment will lighten, fade and lift during this process.

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